Help Choosing A Compatible SAS HBA

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So everyone is aware, to get the most input and advice I have posted this on both TrueNAS Forum and UnRAID Forum.

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I have recently purchased a NetApp Class 3650 Model 0834 Storage Array and am hoping someone can give me some guidance in relation to a suitable SAS HBA that will work with this storage array.

I will be using either TrueNAS, UnRaid or OMV.
The storage array has 12 x 4TB Seagate EXOS SATA drives.

From my research I have found:

The storage array has dual (primary and redundancy unit) NetApp Drive Module I/F-4 100120-113 FRU PN 45822-00 Controllers.

These controllers both have 3 x SF-8088 Ports but I only require 1 x SF-8088 cable for each controller, the other 2 ports are for daisy chaining or attaching multiple HBA Cards to the controllers.

Based on the above I believe my HBA requirements are:

  • 2 x SF-8088 ports.
  • 6gb/s speed minimum.
  • IT Mode capable.
  • Capable to handle 4TB drives (x12).
  • Reasonably priced (I am based in Australia and have found most external cards quite expensive, for the initial setup I would prefer a rather inexpensive card in case the NetApp Storage Array doesn’t work.

This is where I have become slightly confused as I have noticed a lot of cards being sold do not state the cable type or much information about the card but names and descriptions like:

“Dell PERC 5/E Dual Channel 8-Port PCI-Express SAS Controller with 256MB Cache E2”
“HP SAS 3801E-HP Dual Port SAS PCI-E 489103-001 488901-001”
“HP P410 462919-001 SAS RAID Controller Full Profile w/512MB Cache No Battery HPE”

My shortlist is:

Card Name - Connector Type Confirmed
Dell PERC H200e - Unknown
Dell PERC 5e (M778G) - Unknown
Dell PERC 6e - Unknown
LSI 9200-8e - SFF-8088
LSI 9286-8e - SFF-8088


Thanks in advance!

Any SAS2+ LSI HBA should work. If it has External ports, then that’s great, if it’s internal ports, you can get a slot bracket adapter to externalize them.

And you can adapt from either SFF-8087 or SFF-8643 (mini-sas vs mini-sas-hd)

I have no first hand experience with a NetApp storage shelf… but I did once watch an LTT video about them :cowboy_hat_face:

Ie, this would allow you to use a modern internal card.

Also, SFF-8644 to SFF-8088 is a thing to: