Help - File permissons being removed

What I do. I make custom icons for my folders. Then i put the icon in a subfolder. I then go into properties - customize and change the icon of the folder. Then i modify the path in desktop.ini file. Then i cut the folder and move it off my C drive to its final destination on truenas dataset.

What happened. After a system reboot. I can no longer copy or cut a folder and move it to truenas without the file permissions getting turned off. Hidden files are no longer hidden, system files will no longer have the /s attribute.

What i have tried. At first I though this was a windows problem, I tried different versions of windows, No luck. Then I tried to use a tool to change attribute properties and as soon as I change them the file gets changed back.

I do not mean to be a pain. But I really do need some help with this issue. Please.

What’s a desktop.ini file? What is changing a path in that file supposed to do?

Sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to do and what is happening instead. The threads subject and your initial post do not quite match - for my reading skills.

Maybe a step by step description with a screen shot or two?

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