Help getting Plex in TrueNAS Scale to see media from multiple pools


I am running TrueNAS Scale with a Plex media server.

I’ve setup two storage pools one with 6 - 14TB drives in RAIDZ1. And the second with 4 - 16TB also in a RAIDZ1.

Currently the main Pool (plex) is where most of my media is stored and it works perfect with Plex.

However I want to use the second pool when I run out of storage on the first pool. But I can’t for some reason get Plex to see it. Even after I’ve edited app settings and point Plex to the path of the second pool pictured below:

Both pools have SMB shares setup and I can access them no problem, put media on them that all works.

I just can’t get Plex to see media on the second pool. Was wondering if anyone had a solution for this and could help me out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

In your Plex library you need to add the second folder.

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Hmmmm ok I feel really dumb. But this just adds a new tab on the Plex home screen. Is there no way to have all movies regardless of storage pool or folder to show up under the same tab? I checked the “Merge Recently Added items” box in the libraries section. But that didn’t seem to do anything.

You can add more than one folder to each library (for the library in question, click the kebab menu, Manage Library, Edit, Add Folders, Browse). But a better way to go would be to put different types of media on different pools. A better way yet would be to just expand the first pool and not mess with a second pool at all.


Yeah I see that all now. I feel really dumb. I don’t know why I never tried just clicking on the “Browse For Media Folder” and trying to just added it before. I got it now and it is showing the content I put in my other pool.

I created two separate pools because the second pool is made of 4 - 16TB SAS drives and I lost out on capacity and couldn’t do a redundant drive if I had it in the same pool with the 6 - 14TB SATA drives. I can try adding them again. But I could have sworn I was loosing out on storage space if I combined all 10 drives into one pool.

You need to decide whether having a single pool or two pools is better for you.

The problem with two pools is that you have to manage the space yourself - with one pool ZFS manages the space.

The problem with one pool is that all your eggs are in one basket. If you lose one vDev you lose everything. So you have to trust that ZFS replication can avoid you losing a vDev.

Personally I would trust ZFS and plan to have a single pool with high redundancy.

If your existing 4x16TB pool is already RAIDZ2, then just add the 6x14TB as a second RAIDZ2 vDev.

If your 4x16TB pool is RAIDZ1, then use the 6x14TB drives to create a new RAIDZ2 pool, migrate your data from existing to new, destroy existing and re-add it to the new pools as a 2nd RAIDZ2 vDev.