HELP! Lost access to datastore

Hi All

I need help here
Long story short
I have setup TrueNAS iSCSI for my vmware stack

Everything works fine until

Last night I decided to try xcp-ng due to Broadcom chaos

I setup the hypervisor and create an iSCSI storage to an existing production storage pool
Without reading carefully and should have tested in a lab, I thought that was only mount to the existing storage only
After Creating the storage, I noticed my vmware vms starting to lose connection to the dataset and vms starting to failed
Then I immediately disconnect from xcp-ng and remove the storage from xcp-ng

Now I have 3 hosts connected to the flash_pool
All 3 can no longer access the files and one host disconnected the storage device
It is now showing Datastore not consumed for the disconnected host

Then the other 2 still shows the pool, but not accessible

I’m hoping I can re-establish the connection between the iscsi pool and my vmware stacks?

Here are some of the info


Any help will be appreciated

I was able to use tool to recovery all the data

Which tool?