*Help* Setting up a pool of three drives of unequal sizes?

Hey ho, first time using TrueNAS, I’ve gotten to the step where I set up a pool. I have three drives at the moment, 2x 3TB, and 1x 1TB. How would you recommend setting them up?

Thanks for the help!

Welcome to the forum, on a side note, may I ask why you have an picture avatar of a bear and call yourself @littletuna, knowing well that bear don’t eat tuna as tuna is a saltwater fish and would not swim in the arctic region.

Anyway, to answer your post, you need to provide some details on your hardware and how you want to make use of you system.

In short, you can try creating your new pool and (at least under CORE) it should give you some recommendation.
As far I can see, the best option would be to set up both 3 TB drives as a mirror.
On the other hand, you can create a RAIDZ1 using 2 of the 3 TB drives with the 1 TB drive, but this is going to force the 3 TB drives to only use one third of their capacity. You will end up with a 2 TB pool at best.
There isn’t anything optimal about your setup.
You would be better of creating a pool with matching drives (ie. same rotational speed and capacity) otherwise the slowest drive and lowest capacity single disk will bring all the drive in the pool to that subparr performance level of the single disk.


Oh it’s simple, I like Padington Bear, and Tuna, and I do not know well.

Thank you very much for answering and taking the time to help me!

I thought so, having two a pair and then one random drive seemed a little awkward, But I’ve just pieced it together with spare parts, so that’s probably to be expected. Perhaps it would be best to ignore it for now and add another pair of 3TB or larger drives to make another mirror in the future.

I’d use the 2 3Tb to make a mirror. You can then add another mirror in the future, or replace both drives with larger drives to expand.


Alright, I will set up one mirror until I can add more drives.

I appreciate the help, very much.