Help: Setting up a VPN client on (TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2) for torrenting

Dear All,

I’m relatively new to the TrueNAS world and really enjoying the tinkering experience. I have my environment setup by and large, with Plex and qBittorrent (native, not TrueCharts version) installed and running, but need to hide behind my VPN (I have an existing subscription with PIA) for qBittorrent in particular.

Since the OpenVPN service seems to have been depreciated by iX systems, I am wondering what my alternatives are?

  • I have tried the TrueCharts version of qBittorent and continue to get permission errors which I cannot seem to overcome. I have followed the video ( but continue to get permission denied errors when I try and download a torrent. I have wasted hours trying to correctly assign permissions to the filesystem to no avail so reverted back to the native qBittorrent app which seems to work fine.

  • Can’t seem to find a VPN client app to install.

So a little lost in the water. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.



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Have you been able to figure this out. Ive been using the truecharts version of apps but ive been slowlly migrating to truenas apps and eventually want to start learning how to set up docker images. But need to figure this out as i dont want to torrent without a vpn