Help setting-up BackupPC as a custom App

I running Core for many years with full satisfaction; but I know one of these days I’ll have to move to Scale, it’s becoming obvious. So, I started another server as a sidegrade test bed.

I installed Scale and I’ve already set-up Jellyfin, which was very easy because it’s in the TrueNas Catalog. Nextcloud would be next but I guess it’ll also be easy, so I skipped it. The others seem also trivial.

But one of my crucial applications, I can’t start migrating without it, is BackupPC, which is running reliably on Core for many years and saved me several times from big trouble.

The problem is that, strangely, it is not on the native catalog and so I tried to implement it as a custom app from I’ve read many times the documentation about custom apps, just to conclude that I’m not able to do it.

So, frankly, can anybody help with pointers, if not a full guided tutorial?

Thank you.

Thank you but don’t waste your time.

I decided to go with jailmaker instead, I feel more comfortable with jails. But I’ll wait for it to be integrated in the UI before I make the jump to Scale.

So, I’ll just shut down my side server for now.