Help to install nextcloud with HTTPS and reverse proxy


I am looking for some help to install next cloud with HTTPS and reverse proxy for both LAN and remote access. I have used multiple guides that are on the truenas forums but continually find issues that I am unable to get to work completely. I am very grateful for the guides but they are a few years ago and the interfaces change or apps are no longer supported. For example:

I attempted to use :

Pros: excellent guide to set it up simply.

-unable to access it from my LAN as soon as I entered the Overwriteprotocol:https envi variable
-continued to run into the the “access forbidden, state token does not match” when setting up the desktop client.
-Not sure I got the port forwarding to work as it would when i clicked on the proxy links
-I could not figure out where to add the access list on cloudflare. the closest thing i could find was to add a whitelist where I included all of the cloudflare IP’s…

Next guide approached through traefik because I had tried a few more guides similarly with nginx that I could not get to work for the life of me…

-good steps to setup with traefik as i thought that may help me with my overwriteprotocol:https problem
-Truecharts nolonger supports k8s-gateway so unless I install it custom from github, what is the alternative for that step?

I have a general idea of what I need to do for opening the appropriate ports so that my domain will call the local IP address that nextcloud lives at and then be able to access externally but I cannot figure it out for the life of me…

TLDR; In theory using SCALE should be easier with the containers, but where can I find a good guide that will be up to date to help setup Nextcloud with HTTPS and reverse proxy

What am I doing wrong? is there a most up to date guide on this? does the discord allow for some of the most help?