HELP! TrueNAS Scale Crash/Boot Loop v23.10.1.3

My install of TrueNAS Scale recently crashed on me and has got a fatal error that causes a reboot and it continues to crash reboot unless I stop it.
The happens during startup during “Job ix-zfs.service’start running (50s / no limit)”.
The final failure and crash happen with fault “RIP: 0010:zap_leaf_chunk_alloc+0x34/0x50 [zfs]”.
See attached screenshots…

Fortunately, this started happening while I was watching a video on TrueNAS, so I was able to power down the VM.
This is an ESXi 8 Server VM so the hardware is pretty solid and the other VMs seem fine except for the ones with mounted symbolic links
Please help!
Thank you,


Also, noticed the message in the screenshot “BUG: unable to handle page fault for address:ffffac5a24777686”.
If that helps…

After looking further I may have filled up may ZFS Pool/Drive and I’m guessing that is causing the crash.
Is there a way to get TrueNAS to boot up so I can expand the drive/Pool?