Help with CPU/mobo for upgrade

Currently running a Xeon E3-1220 v3, which is about 10 years old, on a Supermicro mobo with IPMI. I have 32 GB of ECC ram, a 10 GBPS card, and an LSI hba on a Supermicro board with IPMI.

I’ve gotten a few correctable ECC errors the past week or so, so I’m going to just upgrade the whole thing.

I definitely don’t need a lot of horsepower. My current setup runs things ok. I’d like to at least keep my current features (IPMI and ECC) and I’d like to stick with Intel. Does anyone have any recommendations for a particular motherboard and CPU?

Is form factor of the board an issue? e.g., does it need to be Mini-ITX? Or is anything ATX or smaller OK?

If it doesn’t have to be Mini-ITX, the Supermicro X11SSL-F looks like a good choice, along with your preferred Xeon E3-1200 v5/v6 chip. Supports up to 64 GB of RAM, 6 onboard SATA ports, PCIe slots for both your HBA and your NIC, IPMI. Readily available on eBay for around US$150. Looks like another US$30 or so for a E3-1240v6.

No size limitations. I currently have the X10SLL-F so I guess the 11 would make sense. I’m happy with an i7 or whatever, as long as it supports ECC and the board has IPMI. I think I’d like 8 cores this time though. Thanks.

You could always bump up to an X12, but I don’t know there’s a whole lot of benefit to it. TrueNAS doesn’t tend to use the latest whiz-bang features in any case.

Kinda looks like I might have to if I want more than 4 cores. The i7 doesn’t support ECC until 12th gen, and an 8 core Xeon seems like it might be pretty pricey. There are a lot of options out there, though, so I might be missing something.

Look at the X11 boards with a LGA-3647 socket (like the X11SPM series). You can pair it with something like the Xeon Silver 4108 which sells on eBay for less than $20 shipped to the US. The Xeon Gold 6134 is a beast of an 8-core, and can be had for $80. You can also go to 12 cores on the Xeon Silver 4116 for less than $20.

You could also us a 2nd gen scalable Xeon, but they can be more expensive compared to the 1st gen for the horsepower.

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Looks like I might be a little stuck. The 12th gen i7 CPUs support ECC but have e-cores, which seems to still cause problems for TrueNAS Core. The 8 core Xeon processors (E-2300 etc) are comically expensive.

I guess I just have to settle for 4 core? Anyone have any good ideas on how to get 8 cores without spending $2k on just cpu+mobo?

The X11SPM-F plus a CPU and 64GB (4x16GB) would be less than $700.

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Good old Skylake (Scalable or Xeon E-2100/2200) will keep you below that.
For more recent CPUs, look at AMD (but rather AM4 than AM5)…

AMD support in Core is good?

Not familiar with the AM4 CPUs that much. Any recommendations on CPU and mobo?

X11SPM-F with a Xeon Silver 4208 seems like a reasonable option. Still looking, and looking for AMD options as well.

Edit: I noticed this gen has 6 memory channels. Should I use multiples of 3 DIMMs?

Ryzen 5 5600 with an ASRock Rack x570D4U seems like a solid option. Compatibility is good? Only 6 cores, but they’re going to be modern fast cores so I’m happy with that.

Certainly good enough. If you were in Europe, I’d suggest Gigabyte MC12-LE0 as a board for the sake of its low price here (there may still be one for sale in the US in the STH forum).

This particular board has six memory sockets. Use any number of DIMM you want (except five, for… reasons I suppose), as each will enjoy its own channel

AMD it is then. I actually have an R5 5600 in my main desktop and I’ve been happy with it. I’ll get the X570D4U, which seems the best deal (and I like the 8 SATA) ports and an R5 5600. Thanks!

Or use SCALE. This is an example of that famed “better hardware support” from Linux

Or consider SCALE. Better hardware support, actually has a future.

Definitely thought about SCALE. I don’t have the time to move to a new OS right now though. I’ve got my iocages all down pat and don’t want to mess with them!