Hetzner IPv6 - Can't set default gateway

I’m pretty new to TrueNAS and have it now installed on a server by Hetzner.

My problem is now that I can’t get a IPv6 connection to work.

It’s quite the same to this old thread. I can’t set a default ipv6 gateway because its invalid. In fact it’s saved because I can see it under the console menu.

But somehow there is no connection.

Now If I do the same as in the thread and enter “ip -6 route add default via fe80::1 dev enp15” then I can use ipv6 normally.

Is there any good option to make this permanently?


PS: I didn’t add any errors here, because they are exactly the same as in the old thread

You could add the cmd line as a post-init command in advanced settings

ahh, good idea. I’ll try that tomorrow, but only after a reboot.
While I was experimenting with the console, I saw that the network tab showed a network configuration change after I ran the command and the test button was there. So I tested it and the IPv6 gateway showed up in the GUI afterward. Maybe that saved it permanently, but I can’t test that right now since I can’t restart the server at the moment.

A lot of gui functionality is built to show the underlying state.

So if you change the underlying state, even in a way that the gui won’t allow, sometimes it will still render.

Where you run into issues is then attempting to modify that state again via the gui

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Update: Nope was not saved. So i think post-init it is :smiley:

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