Home Assistant App forces PostgreSQL

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the Home Assistant app from the official TrueNAS catalogue.

A little bit of a back story…Previously app started without any additional pods and HA used some non-db-like for storing entity history which resulted in poor performance and this was a well-known issue. The standard solution to this problem was to run a “real” database (like MariaDB) and configure HA to use it in configuration.yaml.

Now back to the current state… At some point in time, the HomeAssistant app started to run additional pods with PostgreSQL (my guess is to tackle the problem I already mentioned) which is fine as it solves some problems by default but the App now forces the use of PostgreSQL.
What does “forces” mean?

  • there is a “reconfiguration activity” that runs on every App start/restart that goes through the configuration file and simply overwrites whatever is there regarding the DB connection. Although there is still an option to use external DB, every time I restart the HA app it gets removed. I know it is “only on the start/restart” and that this external DB option is still valid because HA has an internal restart option without restarting the pod and if I return my MariaDB configuration and restart HA internally it works fine with my DB… until the app update or system reset or any other reason to rut app again.

I guess that there is some magic script designed to support users with the transition to DB-like storage by injecting the correct PostgreSQL but this runs every time without the option to be disabled (or at least I did not find it)

Is there a way to skip/control this “reconfiguration”?

Also, to answer questions in advance like “What’s wrong with PostgreSQL? why not just use it instead of MariaDB?”

  • I ran additional home automation tools that now rely on accessing DB for entity history overviews and I tried to move to PostgreSQL but some dependencies failed during the installation of the libraries which led to another adventure.

I would appreciate any support here, thanks in advance.