Home folder and User. What to create first?

I’m using version 24.4 for the first time and I need to create users with their shared folder that they will use from Windows (so SMB).
With another version I would have created the /Home folder and then the users specifying that they had to have their own home folder; the system would have created it under Home.

Now, when I try to create /Home and specify that it is an SMB folder, the message says “TrueNAS must have at least one local SMB user before creating an SMB share.”
I did not understand.
Do I have to create the user first and then the /Home folder?
After still re-entering the user’s edit to set his home folder as sub folder of Home?

You could create the /home dataset without setting up the SMB share, then create a local user with Samba Authentication on and use the create home directory, and then set up the SMB share for /home.

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That’s what I did and I hope I did well.
The /Home folder now has ACL Type “SMB/NSFv4”.
Nonetheless, in Datasets I don’t see it identified as SMB, nor do I see it in File Explorer (Windows 11 pro).
I don’t even see the user’s personal folder.
However, I can see the other folders created afterwards correctly.

Datasets 2024-05-03 162920

It looks like at this point you have the dataset and user. Now you need to go to Shares and add an SMB share to the Work-Pool/Home dataset.

I had already read it.

According to that screenshot you are not currently sharing /Home. You need to separately create an SMB share for the now existing /Home dataset.

I removed the folder, user and dataset.
Then I did these steps:

  1. Created a service user, without Home folder but with Samba authentication
  2. Created the /Home dataset
  3. Created the user asking to create his home folder.

Now everything works.


Yes, the order you perform the steps matters.
First, create the share user.
Next, create the share dataset/share. In 24.04 you have the option to set these up at the same time from either the Sharing or Datasets screens if creating an SMB or NFS share. For iSCSI shares you create the dataset, then go set up the block share.