Hot to copy all Snapshots with Replication


I’m trying to do a replication Task to backup a Dataset, including all Snapshots, to my external Backup Drive.

But I can’t get it to copy all Snapshots from the Original Dataset. The Original Dataset got about 100 Snapshots (Weekly Task), but the Replication Dataset got only 3 Snapshots.

Is there anything you can do, to copy all snapshots?

Need more info, especially in regards to your Periodic Snapshot and Replication Task configurations.

This are the Replication Settings:

The chosen Snapshots Task is creating a Snapshot automatically once a week (since about 1,5 years)

Is there a particular pattern with the 3 snapshots that did get replicated?

For some reason, zettarepl is skipping nearly all of the “hits” when it parses the dataset’s snapshots.