How can can I take windows drive or some folder data backup to trueNas core automatically via tool or schedule without hampering to the windows user

Pls give me suggestions

Literally any backup software that can back up to a SMB share would work. Windows Backup used to be a good answer, but I believe it’s since disappeared from Windows.

Yes via smb it is possible…but I want another tool to take backup from multiple windows machine to truenas core via schedule at a perticular time or automatic transfer from windows machine…in smb we have to do it manual transfer…is it possible to do it automatic backup… requesting you to please suggest

This is exactly what @dan suggested. The tool still needs a target and with Windows machines it’s a good approach to use SMB for that. He did not tell you to manually copy the data to the share.

Free file sync, syncthing, personal backup, robocopy in combination with the task scheduler, …

There is an endless list :wink:

That just might be the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen.

Of course it is. Using just about any backup software. As I said in my first comment.

Really, at this point I can’t recommend anything, because I don’t have any idea what your requirements are. You want to back up Windows machines? OK, install backup software on those machines that’s capable of backing up to a SMB share. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of options available.

Or you can install Urbackup in a jail.

Veeam Windows Agent FREE

Can backup to an SMB share