How do I change the NFS version from 2 to 3 or 4

Hi there, I am trying to support Truenas 13 (i suspect it is core). How do I check from the CLI for the running NFS version?
I need the NFS version to be 3 or 4.
I have enabled NFS version 4 under Services and rebooted but this made no difference.
I am using a backup solution which requires the NFS port to running on 635 for TCP and 2049 for UDP.
I am experiencing issues with mount directories from the NAS server. The backup solution recovery options are not able to mount the required directories.

2049 is normally the TCP port…

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Thank you, is it possible to change the NFS version from 2 to 4?


There should be a setting in the TrueNAS NFS service menu for the enabled protocols, you should be able to enable NFSv4 there.

Here it is in TN SCALE:

in CORE: Services>NFS:

Hi there, the system I am using is Core 13. I have turned the “Enable NFS4” but when checking the CLI side I am seeing versions 2 & 3.
When I enabled the NFS 4, I rebooted the server and this made no difference. I have disabled and enabled the NFS service which made no difference.

The NAS server is a virtual server running on an ESXi 7 host. The NAS server is used to archive date from a backup solution. The ability to recover the archive data is failing as the mount cannot be performed. The archive jobs are working and data is populating the archive directories. There is no network or network ACL preventing the UDP and TCP ports.
The backup solution requires the NFS version to be 4.
There is a single NIC on the NAS VM. I am not sure if this could be an issue.
I cannot say when the ability to perform a recovery last worked.