How do I connect my wordpress from truenas scale to domain?

I have a static public IP from my ISP provider, so I can connect from outside using port foward, but my question is can I buy a new domain for example like and register to my truenas scale wordpress public ip ?

Of course you can.

Now what exactly is your first question? There are a gazillion of companies selling domains and DNS services.

If you’re trying to do this without understanding what DNS is, which is what it sounds like, I’d advise against it, but it’s certainly possible.


if I want to buy domain from “go daddy” . Is it easy to set up domain with wordpress in truenas scale ? because I don’t see any tutorial from youtube

My immich server lives on my TrueNAS in an app and is exposed to the internet. I use a combination of HAProxy on pfSense, Cloudflare DNS with the dynamic DNS feature in pfSense and the ACME Cert manager on pfSense to do this.

The magic of exposing services you’re hosting on your TrueNAS to the internet starts with your firewall, not the NAS itself.

Tom Lawrence has a good video on this topic.
How To Guide For HAProxy and Let’s Encrypt on pfSense: Detailed Steps for Setting Up Reverse Proxy (

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You don’t “set up a domain on Truenas SCALE”. You configure the domain at GoDaddy to point at your public IP address. Then you configure your ISP router to forward e.g. ports 80 and 443 to your Wordpress installation.

None of this is TrueNAS related, that’s why you did not find a tutorial, probably.

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