How do I DELETE a directory wheb I do not have that particular user anymore?

I successfully migrated my established POOL from an old (failing) home-brew platform to a new TrueNAS CORE Mini. There are 2 sub directories created by Microsoft Backup application- and I would like to DELETE them both. Since they were created on my old Truenas platform, and by a user ID other than me- they refuse to allow me to delete them.
I operate my NAS here in my own home on my own LAN, and I would like to be able to use SUDO commands to delete these large sub directories.

Dumb question but have you tried:
sudo rm -r <DIRECTORYNAME>

Trying the rm cmd- however my knowledge of navigating to the proper file system is lacking.
I am at the root directory in Shell, I find a ‘Samba’ sub, but there isn’t anything under that.

your data is mounted under /mnt/Poolname/Datasetname so you have to first change the directory. so cd /mnt, you can then check with ls what is available under /mnt and then cd to the next

If this is over the SMB protocol and your user is a member of builtin_administrators local group or a domain admin (AD) then you should be able to use the windows UI to recursively take ownership of the directory, grant yourself access to it through the ACL editor in windows, then delete it.

Yes! Great! That gets me to my target directory- but I get an error from the “rm -r” cmd: “user root is not allowed to execute '/bin/rm -r as root on truenas.local.”

That doesn’t sound like a good error. My guesses are (in order):

  1. Pool is mounted read-only.
  2. Your permissions are messed up in /bin
  3. (moon-shot-concept) Different UIDs for different “roots”.

Having some troubles with getting EXCLUDE to work with Cloud Sync Task- but I am certain that is the correct way to handle my goal.