How do I find the Sabnzbd Download and Incomplete folders?

I am just starting my TrueNAS Scale 24.04 journey so please be kind.

I setup my TrueNAS Scale 24.04 and configured my drives to be RAIDZ1. I then setup my router to use PIA VPN for my TrueNAS server. The above two tasks have worked great.

Now I installed Sabnzbd and connected it to my usenet server and that worked.
I then downloaded a TV show and that worked.
Finally, I cannot see where the TV show is on my drive. I’m fairly sure it is in its own jail, but I cannot figure out how to

Finally, I downloaded an nzb and loaded it into my Sabnzbd server and it finished downloading it. I cannot find where the file is.

Where is the downloaded file?

Thank You,