How do i install Urbackup software on TrueNAS Core server?

I have found a software that can backup files from our local machine to a remote network server( TrueNas core) but the application has two parts one is client which will be installed in the local machine where the files reside and the other part of the application server side have to be installed on the backup storage( destination ).

I am new to TrueNas and it seems a bit comlicated till I get my head arround with it.

The question is, how do I get Urbackup server side installed on my backup serve?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

Create a jail on your NAS for it:


Thank you so much Dan for your help.

just one thing my predecessor had created Jail for Duplicati and IPv4 address for it would that be the address where I host the client?

Thank you

No, the jail for the Urbackup server would have a different IP address. The client would install on your various client computers and should pick up the server automatically.

Thank you again for your swift reply,

sorry to be pain, one last question do i take the ip-address from UrBackup settings or the user interface address which is localhost:55414.

How do I obtain the IP address?

Ordinarily you would set the IP address when you create the jail. If you didn’t, and instead set it to use DHCP, TrueNAS should still show you the IP address in its UI.

Failing all of that, going to the shell in the jail and running ifconfig would give you that address.

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Thank you Dan,

I know I keep saying one last question. :smile:

would that install the Urbackup software into the jail or do i need to install it and how to access Jail shell through TrueNAS?

It should; you wouldn’t be installing software into TrueNAS itself. So you’d:

  • Create the jail
  • Enter the jail shell by typing iocage console urbackup (assuming you called the jail urbackup; substitute the jail name if not)
  • Complete the installation following the docs.
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You are TrueNAS Hall of Fame really appreciate your help on this.

I will commence the work and update you.

Thank you so much Dan

Morning Dan

I Have created the Jail but got stuck in installing the UrBackup I have followed your steps and this what I have ended up with.

Do I need to download first Urbackup to my local machine and point it on shell to where I have downloaded it?

Thank you Dan

You’re already in the urbackup jail; you don’t need to run the iocage console urbackup again.