How do I rollback my version of Flaresolverr?

My flaresolverr was working and I very stupidly updated it in my truenas jail. Now it no longer works with prowlarr. Can someone please provide a step by step (I’m a moron) to download and rollback my flaresolverr to a version that works. From what I’ve read, ver 1.2.9 works. Any help is appreciated. Just to reiterate… I am a moron… I didn;t know about snapshots until it was too late

Grab your current configuration (I don’t know it you can export it in the app or edit your settings and save screenshots), delete the app and reinstall the correct version if you can’t rollback from the GUI. I don’t use core but I assume that’s an option there.

It doesn’t seem like flaresolverr uses a lot of custom databases etc you need to preserve judging from its purpose.

Thanx Chuck, That sorted it.