How do i upgrade drives without causing issues?

I’m trying to upgrade my server to increase the capacity of the drives but it’s new to me. I have watched videos and seen that i need to take a snapshot and then replicate. That seems to cause issues when the location is within Jails subfolders.
I have a plex server and folder located within JAILs and when i copy or replicate i can’t open any apps again because it sees 2 different jail location/files and says I can only have 1 through out the server/pools.
Can anyone walk me through how to do this?
I currently have 2 4TB drives pooled together with 1 200 GB SSD for the TrueNAS.
I have 1 12 TB drive with another on the way to make another pool (mirrored).
How can i move my plex media out of Jails folder?
Or is there a cheet sheet to understand the command line codes to move files, delete, etc.?

The 4tb drives are in a mirror right?

You could just add the 2 additional 12TB drives in a mirror and now have 16TB.


You could replace the 4TB drives with the 12TB and your pool should auto expand to 12TB.

I would just add the 2 12s. As a mirror

So i have 4 SATA ports on the motherboard currently.
1 goes to the TrueNAS SSD 200GB drive
2 go to the 4 TB drives (not currently mirrored)
BUT all 3 are in my main pool now.
I also have a 1 TB SSD that’s connected via the 4th SATA motherboard port

I am limited to the 4 SATA ports at the moment, however i have dual drive mirror USB device that can see my 12 TB at the moment in order to line out the transfer over to it before placing it inside the CPU case.

Are you interested in having more sata ports?

Does your chassis have room for more drives?

What is your motherboard?

I would be interested in more ports.
I have an old case when i went water cooled (cpu blocked leaked on me 13 yrs ago) that has plenty of drive bays. I have an older power supply as well if i need 1000w.
I’m not 100% on my motherboard since i can’t see into the bios as before with windows.

Buy an LSI HBA 8i (you can get old cheap ones on eBay) or new ones. Ensure wits flashed to IT mode.

That directly supports an additional 8 drives. And up to as many as you want with expanders.

I use a single 8i to connect 28 drives with a 36 port expander.

My latest idea before the forum was to buy a server motherboard with dual processors and find the best bus speeds out there. I have an 13 yr old dell i upgraded to the max and although still functional as a pc i figured I could try TrueNAS on it and see how it goes.
My old NAS Qnap failed and i couldn’t find anyone to help figure it out. Basically lost all data and dont’ like the feeling of that now. lol

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Nice. What CPUs?

It’s probably a good base.

Dell XPS 8500 I added 32 GB crucial ram to it.

Looks like
3rd Gen Intel Core i7-3770 processor 3.40 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 3.90 GHz

It doesn’t appear to be easy to find the mother board info from the spec site.

Well, it should be fine as “my first truenas”

I will probably have some issues with it if i had a file server on the same one as a video server. Currently the video server is working good but at times can glitch.
I have ran all new wires to most of the rooms via Cat6a in addition to incorporate a security system into a single mini rack mount in a closet to punch panels. Then hooked into the switches/video recorder. Currently only a gigabit network but i look forward to upgrading the back bone to 10GB later. AND future possibility of starting a wireless network company.
I have 2 OTA recorders that work with plex within the TrueNAS but only 1 seems to be working right. Either way i’ll piece what i can together while learning along the way here with TrueNAS.