How long do system updates usually take?

I’ve been trying to upgrade from 13.0 U5.1 to 13.0 U6.1 and have been stuck here for a few days now:

I can’t seem to do anything else in the web ui while this is happening except login after I refresh the browser.

They’re primarily limited by the speed of your boot device, but they don’t take that long.

Is there a way to troubleshoot why it might be stuck?

When I hook up a monitor I just see repeated messages of “plugin_dispatch_values: Low water mark reached. Dropping 100% of metrics.”

Force a reboot.
Delete the failed Boot Image and try again.


OK, trying again, thanks! If I go into the interactive shell on the server, is there some place that I can look to watch for errors when the update runs so that I can see what’s going on?

attach a VGA screen and watch the process.
There are usually two boots.

I was just about to enter 9 to open the shell, but now I am starting to get the plugin_dispatch_values: Low water mark reached. Dropping 100% of metrics. messages and the progress is at the same place as the screenshot above. Are those messages expected during updates?

A search of the Forum indicates a failing Boot drive.
I suggest you save your config…which you did anyway ?
And try a manual install to a new Boot device and then a restore of the saved Config.


Ironically when I search these forums for that message, my post is the only one that comes up. :laughing:

So it sounds like my next steps are:

  • install new ssd for boot drive
  • manual install of 13.0 U5.1 to the new drive
  • restore config from backup

Does that sound like a good plan?

I googled “truenas Low water mark reached” to get the old forum as well.
Go straight to 6.1

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ah, great, thanks again for your help!

Well I bought a brand new SSD boot drive, removed the old one, added the new one, installed 5.1 and went to run the updates and it is stuck at the same 66.67% Installing base-os (1/3) and the logs have the same plugin_dispatch_values like before. Anyone have any other ideas on how to troubleshoot?

I would manually install 6.1.

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Oddly I just let it go and it looks like it finished updating.

There are still the plugin_dispatch_values messages being logged at the console so maybe they were unrelated.