How many Chia apps do I need?

I got a 1.5 TB pool and I wanted to use it to farm. I’ve reading some posts and documentation and still stuck on some basic question.

  • What instance should I run to farm? Farmer or Hasvester?
  • Do I need both of them?
  • Can I only farm on my own Full Node and can I farm a random Full Node online?
  • Can I manage my plots from a web UI or from the Windows/Linux client or only CLI?

Thanks for the answers

This is the TrueNAS forums, not Chia mining forums, so you may wish to head over to the Chia site / forums / where ever to ask.

From what very little I know about Chia, Linux is better for memory utilization. Also Chia needs LOTS of storage. The videos I’ve watched are using pool sizes in the 50TB+ It also likes lots of RAM. But I have never used Chia even though it is interesting, but it also looks a bit complicated as well for a new user.

Good luck but I do agree, a Chia forum might be the best place to start or watch a few of the YouTube videos, they seem to address those questions.

Here’s a guide from the old truenas forum on how to run the chia apps from iX. The guide is from 2021, but it’s a start Chi Guide

This nonsense is still a thing? I thought even the most devoted cryptobros had given up on it.


Pretty much had, another one of those, unless you got in early, or had thousands of $$$ to throw into systems, it wasnt profitable any more.


Even if it was profitable, it requires a HUGE amount of storage. I am not buying an Exabyte of hard drives to earn a few pennies a day after energy costs.

While I wish I had some of those bitcoins I mined over a decade ago when a CPU/GPU could crunch some numbers while the computer was doing nothing else. I had about 13 bitcoins as I recall and then told myself it wasn’t worth the time, so I changed direction and crunched numbers for Seti-At-Home until they closed their doors. My end results: No money, no aliens.

I was similar, i was mining DOGE and BTC for a while, lost the BTC wallet :d but managed to find the old DOGE one back in the day.

But instead i was mining Riecoin to help find Pi numbers cause I thought it was a more useful thing to do.