How often to backup config


  1. How often do I need to back up config? And what drives a change in config? (like update users’ access, vol/dataset config, etc Other than that no refresh of config wit normal use?)

  2. Say if I backed up config once, afterward removed 1 user, add 1 dataset with a shares with some data copied to it. Then … my boot volume failed. If I install fresh again can I load up that config to have other dataset and setup back?

The dataset is on your pool, so restoring the config won’t restore the dataset. But it will restore users, shares, and any other settings you’ve made.

A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t changed anything through the web GUI, there won’t be any changes to the config file.


I completely agree with @dan and a little more advice, when you perform an upgrade, backup your configuration data as the program prompts you to do. It can save you from having a bad day. And when you do upgrade, do not upgrade the Feature Flags, wait a few months or if there isn’t a new feature you need (most of the time that is the case) then dismiss the alert and keep moving forward in your life knowing you can roll back to the previous version without much effort if needed.

As for the configuration file backup, I have mine sent to me in my email each Monday at 2AM, regardless of if anything changed or not.

I have automatic config backup once a week, provided by the multi alert script, stored in my gmail.
Sometimes i did It manually anyway, and i store them in my workstation… Just for have more config tò restore in disaster case

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As a matter of procedure I make a backup of each TrueNAS systems after I am done committing then validating the any changes I make to any systems we manage.