How to add .db file to TrueNas Scale to restore pool?

Hello, I updated my TrueNas Scale from to 23.10.2. Before downloading the update and installing it, I saved the .db file on my main PC as I was using the GUI to do this.
After updating, my pool disappeared, well it wasn’t just the pool as 2 of my 10 HDDs are also not appearing. I am attempting to troubleshoot that.
Anyways, after I get all 10 HDDs, how do I add the .db file to TrueNAS so I can import the pool? If I add it to a usb stick, will that do? Is there a required format, like ext4 or something else?


I would recommend you roll back to before doing anything more. If you are able to boot up TrueNAS, go into the Boot Environments and select the previous one, make it active and once done, reboot the system. This “should” bring everything back to normal.

Once that is done, you should list all your hardware, you either have a bad installation or incompatible hardware.