How to backup nextcloud on truenas

I am soo sorry to ask this question, i know there are billions of posts about this, but none of them gave clear answer and instructions.
I am a newbie with this server and all, I have no knowledge, I follow tutorials and learn and understand through them.
I had a old pc, i threw some 3tb hard drives in it installed truenas core and nextcloud.
This serves as my main storage, for files and media for me and my family.

I want to know how you guys backup your data? do you have another machine with truenas thas is the backup of the first one? is so, please guide me how is it done?

i dont wanna backup the data to some cloud and pay for the storage, that kills the whole purpose of this.

Thank you

You need a second machine that runs either TrueNAS or at least some Linux or BSD with ZFS. Then you can use periodic snapshot and replication tasks for automated guaranteed consistent backup.

My second system is at a different location and I replicate through a VPN tunnel.

I have 3 3tb drives, with raid setup
So instead should I remove 1 drive and setup another server to copy all the data there as a backup. I shouldn’t need raid then right?? I am safe without raid right??

No - you should use a different computer with different drives.

Your 3*3TB in Z1 is OK. You need to keep the RAIDZ so that if an error occurs on a disk then ZFS has the ability to recover

You also require (ideally more than 1) backup. Good practise says use the 3-2-1 principle.

3 Copies of Data
2 on different media / systems
1 offsite

So i am thinking I will use a drive in my gaming pc to backup everything from nextcloud, the data from all the users and settings and everything.
Can you tell me how can I do that?, i am ok doing it manually because I am not gonna leave my pc on all the time, i use it everyday…
So is there a way to setup up this copying thing, and initiate it whenever i want with a click? Like running a task or something…