How to Contribute to the TrueNAS Community

Hey TrueNAS enthusiasts!

We all have unique experiences and insights when it comes to TrueNAS, and there’s no better place to share that knowledge than right here with the TrueNAS Community! Whether you’re a TrueNAS veteran or just getting started, your expertise matters and it can make a real impact on both new and experienced users. Together, we can make a thriving Open Source community!

Your knowledge, no matter how big or small, can help the community learn and grow.

Monetary Contributions:​

Choose TrueNAS Products: Consider TrueNAS Enterprise and/or TrueNAS Mini appliances to run TrueNAS for your storage needs, and suggest that others who may find value in saving money consider TrueNAS alongside other vendors. While this is not a traditional “donation”, iXsystems funds the continued research and development of TrueNAS and its Open Source components with the earnings from appliances and support sales.

Explore the TrueNAS Merch Store: Show your TrueNAS spirit by shopping at the all new Merch Store. It’s an alternative way of supporting TrueNAS financially, but strong in support of the TrueNAS project when you showcase it on some cool apparel or gear.

Indirect Tax-Deductible Contribution: While TrueNAS has no direct method to take donations, TrueNAS is a development champion for the OpenZFS Project. Your contributions may be tax-deductible, and help iX to make an even bigger impact on the broader Open Source ecosystem.

Non-Monetary Contributions:​

Refer a Friend: Have a friend that is facing a storage challenge or is looking to set up their first homelab? TrueNAS is the perfect introduction into the world of storage - and it’s free, forever! You can even have your friend or family follow a community tutorial to set up their new homelab, or document their own journey to share with others!

Engaging with TrueNAS Community Members: Engage with the TrueNAS community on forums, Discord, and the r/TrueNAS subreddit. Whether you’re sharing your knowledge, troubleshooting with other users, or creating content, your participation makes a difference.

Code Contributions: If you’re a developer, contributing code to the TrueNAS Github Repo is a fantastic way to help TrueNAS grow. Whether it’s fixing bugs, adding features, or improving existing ones, your expertise is invaluable.

Documentation: Contributing to documentation is a great way to give back to TrueNAS for users with all levels of experience. Feel like your favorite app needs a “how to” walkthrough? Want to share a bit of helpful information that you learned while using TrueNAS yourself? Feel free to create the documentation yourself! Here is a tutorial the TrueNAS Team wrote to make contributing easier for the community.

Testing and Bug Reporting: Try out new TrueNAS releases and report any bugs or weird behavior you encounter. Bonus points if you are able to break something that we couldn’t! Your feedback helps enhance the stability and performance of TrueNAS for everyone. Come across a bug in TrueNAS? We created a guide on the best way to create an effective bug report so the TrueNAS Team can address the issue. You may also submit a feature request for future versions of TrueNAS in the TrueNAS Project Tracker.

User-contributed Content: Share your TrueNAS success stories or interesting use cases with the TrueNAS community. Inspire others and provide real-world examples of how TrueNAS is making a difference like it does for Chris, a Storage Engineer from a UK Russell Group University.

Leave Reviews: Share your TrueNAS experience by leaving reviews on platforms like G2 and TrustRadius.

Social Media: Show off your TrueNAS server, homelab, data center, or merch on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or your social media platform of choice using the #TrueNAS hashtag to get the word out to your network and a share from us!

TrueNAS is not just a product; we’re also an Open Source community-driven project, and every contribution, big or small, plays a part in the success of the future of TrueNAS. Thank you for being a member of the TrueNAS Community, we can’t wait to see what the community creates!