How to get more details on the read errors

Hi All,

I was doing hdd fill up and scrub testing with a set of test hdd’s I have.

I got read errors for a hdd as shown in the picture

Does anyone know which log file to look at to view the read errors that occurred. I want to confirm its from the hdd and not some problem with a cable or HBA ?

Oh and some details about the system thats currently being tested here:
TrueNAS Scale Dragonfish
Supermicro X107SL-F motherboard
32gig of DDR3 ECC ram
2x Dell WFN6R LSI 9341-8i (=9300-8i) 12Gbps SAS P16 IT mode
Silverstone RM43-320-RS Case
6x 3TB HDD
8x 2TB HDD
6x 500GB HDD

What is that? There are many threads / tools for burning in hard drives.


Array Test

Do a long smart test and post the results of smartctl -a /dev/sdX

Once done with the SMART test, you should perform a scrub, you can do that from the GUI.

What is the sdd drive (make/model)? Is it old? Guess we will know all that once you post the output of the smart long test.

@chuck32 provided you two good tools to use to burn-in your drives, however I’m thinking the drives are old. Hope I’m wrong.

Hey thanks for that,

after extensive testing with the information you provided, it seems its only the HDD’s that were faulty. I’ve done a lot of testing with badblocks and scrubs etc… and it seems the HBA is working correctly, I initially had an issue where it was over heating which I have resolved with an extra fan blowing on to the HBA’s heatsinks.

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