How to install Portainer correctly?

The built-in k8s is too difficult to use… I want to install Portainer as my docker management platform, but I can’t install it correctly. Can you please tell me how to install it?

I’m running a linux jail with portainer inside
see for a video guide on how to setup the jail. inside the jail you can use apt like you normally would to install docker, docker-compose and portainer. I’m running 15 apps like that.

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Follow above video, then instead of installing Dockge, follow these instructions:

OK, thank you very much.

You should install Docker before you can use this method, right? Are you referring to this tutorial?

That’s the tutorial i’ve used. But in hindsight i should have used a compose file, so i could add traefik ingress to my portainer instance. I Think i’ll do that during my holyday next week.

When I searched on Google, I found that Truenas can enter developer mode by executing the command install-dev-tools. I don’t know if this will break my system security.

If you’re using dev-tools to install additional packages directly on the base OS you’re in unsupported territory and will likely break stuff since the truenas middleware depends on certain packages. If you mess something up while using dev tools you’re on your own.