How to install zip and screen packages

On SCALE 23.10 (not in a VM) how do I install 2 missing packages:
zip - unzip is there, but zip is not
screen - to host a long running term - I’m doing md5 checks to make sure the files are copied correctly

/usr/bin/apt-* all have the x disabled

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Have you tried tmux for a long running term?

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Installing anything in Scale outside of your managed volumes is frowned upon.
I installed homebrew for linux.
Something like this:

mkdir ~wscott/linuxbrew
ln -s ~wscott/linuxbrew /home/linuxbrew
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

See: Homebrew on Linux — Homebrew Documentation

WOW tmux is a LOT more than I need (85pg man page)

I had to figure out how to remap the prefix key as ctrl-b conflicts with VI and LESS… and after 50yrs of using vi/less I’m not about to retrain my fingers :slight_smile:

Tmux with it’s keyboard filtering, I do notice an increase lag / response.

I have it working, thanks.

Re: linuxbrew
Can you help me understand how this applies to trying to do an “apt-get install zip” ???.. just missing the connection.

Can’t believe Truenas has unzip installed, but not zip, it’s part of the same package.

You asked a question about changing what packages are installed by Truenas by default. Fixing the zip package and adding screen. This is a slippery slope where you are always going to find something else you want.

I am suggesting that instead, you maintain a separate userspace under your user account. I suggested using brew, but there are other options like nixpkgs.

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I haven’t tried this yet, but probably can also use AppImage though it would be slower.