How to mount NFS share created from TrueNAS?

I created a new dataset for my personal backup/storage for my desktop and laptop, created a new user and group with id 1001, applied ACL the RESTRICTED preset to the dataset to and chose the newly created user and group as owner/group and applied the permissions recursively. Then I enabled nfs4 version on TrueNAS and created a NFS share for this dataset, set the Mapall User and Mapall Group to the user I created and used in the ACL and allowed this share to only a specific IPs which are my desktop and laptop.

My desktop is using ArchLinux, I have installed nfs-utils package and autofs, enabled nfs-client and autofs service via systemctl and configured autofs as such, in /etc/autofs/auto.master, I added this line,

/mnt/nfs /etc/autofs/auto.mount --ghost --timeout=60

and in /etc/autofs/auto.nfs I added this,

backup -fstype=nfs4,rw

then I restarted autofs.

Now when I go to /mnt/nfs/backup I get a error,

  la /mnt/nfs/backup
"/mnt/nfs/backup": Stale file handle (os error 116)

What am I doing wrong?

I used to do this similarly on OMV and it worked.