How to read LSI SAS 2308 HBA temperature in SCALE?

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Does anyone know a way to monitor the temperature of a LSI SAS 2308 HBA (flashed in IT mode of course) using the cli in SCALE?

In CORE, I could run the following command (which uses mpsutil) to get the temperature from the onboard sensor:

mpsutil -u 0 show cfgpage page 7 | awk '{ if ($1 == "0010") { printf "%d ", "0x" $4 $5; if ($3 == "00") printf "N/A"; else if ($3 == "01") printf "F"; else if ($3 == "02") printf "C"; print "" } }'

I believe mpsutil is FreeBSD-based, and in Linux, SCALE includes storcli, however, storcli doesn’t seem to detect my HBA card in order to query the temperature?

Any tips most welcome :slight_smile:

The following works for me:

storcli /call show all nolog | grep "ROC temperature"

I then munge a bit using awk, but the details may change based on the exact version of storcli and your exact HBA. The grep might even need to change, as I have an HBA based on a 3008 chip.

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Thank you for that suggestion - much appreciated!
Unfortunately, when I run any storcli commands I get the “no controller found” output:

CLI Version = 007.1504.0000.0000 June 22, 2020
Operating system = Linux 6.6.29-production+truenas
Status = Failure
Description = No Controller found

However, sas2flash quite happily detects the controller (as did mpsutil in CORE), so a bit of a head-scratcher really.

Same result here.

I found this instruction that involves using a non-native binary to do it:

Your mileage may vary.

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Thank you - yes I found that link too, but was hesitant to drop “unknown” binaries onto my TrueNAS and start running commands I’m not overly familiar with.
I may see if I can compile the tool from the source at least and then see from there if I’m comfortable to give it a try.
I was just hoping there was a “native” tool in SCALE to query the temperature, as I thought this would be a fairly common thing for people to keep an eye on, especially as it was simple to do from CORE.

I applaud your stance, it’s good to be careful.

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Install LSIUtil from here:

Use this to get the temperature:

"$lsiutil" -p1 -a 25,2,0,0 | awk '/IOCTemperature: /{print strtonum($2)" C"}'

Explanation here:

If you’re hesitant to use the binaries, create a jlmkr container and compile from source.

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Thank you for the idea on compiling from source in jlmkr - may give that a go.