How to remote access GUI - Truenas Scale

I am looking for advice and ideally a guide for remotely administrating my home TrueNAS Scale setup via the GUI. All I have come across so far is the very sensible advice of not exposing my GUI through port forwarding.

Why do I even want to do this? I am regularly staying away from home in a hotel room and I get bored. Messing about with my NAS is a strong use of my evenings and healthier than hitting the pub. Thanks.

Just use a vpn to your home network.

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Yep, this. Best way to do it, IMO, is to set up your router as a VPN server using whichever VPN protocol you like (I use OpenVPN; Wireguard seems to be more popular now), then connect to that when you’re away from home. That puts you on your LAN, able to do anything you could do if you were there.


Many thanks. I have a BT Home hub style router using copper to the property (fttp not spot) . A quick Google suggested that Asus is the way to go. Any further advice is appreciated thanks.

My answer has been, and is likely to continue to be, OPNsense. pfSense is another decent option. Either can act as a VPN server with whichever protocol you prefer. There are other options; many hardware routers can run OpenWRT which will do the trick, or some of the Ubiquiti routers should do the trick as well.

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Alternatively, a Miktrotik router, which features wire guard, etc. built in. Then use a tutorial from the network berg on YouTube to configure the little beastie.

Strong recommend here for Tailscale as a very easy to setup mesh VPN. There’s an App for TrueNAS and clients for many different OSes


I use an Asus router, flashed with Merlin firmware, pretty popular. Supports the usual VPN servers and clients. Works perfectly.

You can also configure a wireguard file on Scale as wireguard is built in, thus installing no apps. Just route the wireguard port to Scale on the router.

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