How to run a process in the Jobs menu

Is there a way to run a process in the Jobs menu?

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 1.05.59 PM

Or, is that reserved for the developers of TrueNAS? I am wondering about running a disk burn-in script there, so that it’s more convenient to monitor progress.

Running Dragonfish (24.04.0).

The Jobs clipboard thing you are referencing is a list of jobs in progress or recently accomplished. You cannot run anything from there.

I would recommend that you read the TrueNAS docs for these details, there is a wealth of information in there.

I am not trying to run anything from there. I would like to know, whether it is possible to run a task as a job, so that it would show up there. I am currently digging into this with the help of documentation…

You can run a job from the CRON JOB. You can also run one-time jobs say when TrueNAS starts up or shuts down using Init/Shutdown Scripts.