How to set up l2tp vpn connection on truenas scale?

I have my vpn server set with l2tp, and it works on my windows machine no problem. But I don’t know how to connect my truenas scale machine to this vpn. I don’t want any other tunnels, I just need to connect this NAS to my vpn network via this protocol.
Can someone help please?
Truenas Scale

Off the top of my head I believe TrueNAS SCALE has only ever had support for OpenVPN Client/Server. However this has been deprecated since 23.10 as far as I am aware.

Don’t remember ever seeing anything regarding L2TP or other VPN protocols.

Is there a particular use-case which stops you from using something like WG Easy, Zerotier, or Tailscale?

I can only use L2TP or PPTP, because this is how the network i have to connect with is set up, and i can’t really change it. Isn’t there any way to do it via some terminal magic?

I think setting vm with ubuntu can help, since ubuntu can use L2TP, but i don’t know how to do it. Can you help with it?

Not in TrueNAS itself, no. You could surely do it in a VM though.

That would be a question for, well, pretty much anywhere but here, once the VM itself is set up.