How to start apps on demand only?

I’m new to TrueNAS and just set up my ugreen NAS with SCALE 24.04 stable, configuring and installing stuff and I’m really impressed by and happy with it!

However, I don’t want or need to have all apps running all the time.
Is there a way to only start them on demand?
A really cool way would be to launch an on-demand app when I try to access the web portal, with a wait screen that says the app is being deployed… :sunglasses:

There are start/stop buttons next to each app–if you stop an app, it won’t restart unless you tell it to (or, maybe, if you reboot–I don’t recall if I’ve tested this).

ah I see, thought this was just for one-off actions and they would restart on system restart. I don’t keep my NAS running all the time. So it won’t be started up on boot?

What about the auto-launch when accessing the web portal?
Since TrueNAS knows the config, it could actually do that by checking known access ports/urls in regular intervals…

Don’t know; I haven’t tried it. TrueNAS is really intended to run 24x7, so it’s pretty rare that I reboot my NAS.

There’s no such feature at this time. You could request it if you like.

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Apps that were running at shutdown will startup at boot. Stopped apps remain stopped.