How to start from scratch?

I have a TrueNAS device running version 13.0-U6.1. I am having difficulty mounting it from other Windows machines on my network, and I believe this is related to my misconfigured network domain. However, I can reach the device via IP address. I’d like to dispense with the DNS name and mount the drive by number. Is there a way to turn off the DNS name of the device? And where do I configure the credentials for mounting the device?

Have you tried removing all saved network credentials (to SMB shares) on the windows PC that point to the NAS?
Also remove mapped network drives and reboot the windows PC. Then connect to the NAS using the IP address only. In windows explorer type \\ with the correct NAS IP address. Then enter your samba credentials and you should see all shares on the NAS. You should be able to access all shares that you have permissions for.

Thanks for the quick reply! How do I create samba credentials?

By creating one or more users in TrueNAS.

Thanks again- that worked! Much appreciated.

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