How to transfer vaultwarden to a new TrueNAS?

Hello everyone.
I have a working instance of vaultwarden on TrueNAS Scale. I need to move it to another TrueNAS Scale. Is there any guide on how to do this correctly? Maybe someone has done this before? Vaultwarden by TrueNAS.

you can export your current vault and import it in your new instance.
That’s what i did when i moved from truecharts to my own portainer docker compose version

How to export correctly? There are three folders according to the recommendations:

  • data
  • db
  • dbbackup

I simply exported my vault from the gui and imported it in the new instance.

I considered it as an option. I’m interested in the backup option via this link: It says for such folders and files as config.json, rsa_key* (multiple files), attachments (directory), sends, which are available in the data folder.
db.sqlite3 (for SQLite database)
db.dump (for PostgreSQL database)
db.sql (for MySQL / MariaDB database)
are missing because there is a db folder (according to the recommendations).
As I understand it, the data folder can be simply archived, but what about the db folder?