How to update the FreeBSD 13.3 in Truenas

Iam using Trunas 13.0.U3.1 and FreeBsd 13.1 now we need to update FreeBSD 13.3

Why do you think you need to do that?

In this OS has reached its end of life and is no longer receiving security updates,

Then wait for the release of CORE 13.3, which should be later this year. You aren’t able to independently update the FreeBSD version in TrueNAS.


Ok sure, we will wait for the 13.3 core release.

What is the exact release date of the 13.3 ?

Hi dan,
How to upgrade of the SSH server to the 9.6 or later version.

The answer to “how do I upgrade” any part of the system is the same: install the latest system update. You can’t update the packages that make up the system, just as you can’t independently update the FreeBSD version; TrueNAS is an appliance OS.


Ok, Thanks for the update

I have one query,
we have installed directly installed TureNas core 13.0.U6.1 directly but we are facing some issue in Active directory joining time

Again we connected the internet directly to the server, then we smoothly joined the active directory it worked fine, Then we restarted that server we were not able to access the shares.

There is a 13.3-BETA.2 version available… see announcements.

RELEASE date will depend on more BETA testers.

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No, Have installed 13.0.U6.1