How to update TrueNAS Scale 22.02.4 to Bluefin and beyond

I installed TrueNAS Scale, created a RaidZ26x4TB and started using it to archive and backup files. I tried playing with some VM’s and APP’s without getting real serious with it. I rarely looked at the dashboard and was unaware that an IP change somehow led to my system not receiving updates.

By the time I figured this out, the only update was to get it up to my current version 22.02.4.

Is there a way to upgrade to Bluefin, then to Cobia and so forth without having to do a fresh install? I’m currently trying to copy files from my RAID just in case something goes south, but I really hope there’s a way forward without having to start from scratch.

Please help!

If the update checker is giving you trouble, you can always just upload an update package, which you can get from the downloads server directly.

The earliest manual update I see is for 23.10.2 from 22.12.

I assume that I need to get to 22.12 from 22.02.4 before I can do that update.

Searching Google for anything technical is a hit or miss operation…

Had I changed my search slightly, I would have saved myself a LOT of time!

Seems that it’s really not that difficult to download the newest stable release, burn it to a USB stick, do a fresh install and then import your pool.

Just the knowledge that TrueNAS would import the pool with a few easy steps was all I needed to hear!

I thought that I would run across a thread somewhere describing the process for updating TrueNAS one level at a time until it was “new” enough to let the built in updating process handle it from there.

My suggestion now would be a post where anyone with older legacy builds would learn how to upgrade their systems.