I do not receive any alerts using Gmail Oauth, however I receive test alerts

OS: TrueNAS Scale 23.10.2
Storage: 1 RAIDZ2 VDEV

Motherboard: A520M-ITX/ac
LAN: Realtek RTL8111H (integrated)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600
RAM: Kingston ECC 64 GB

Hello all,

As the topic subject suggests, I’m having difficulties getting email alerts working. I can only receive test alerts that I manually generate. My TrueNAS Scale server has been running for three months and I haven’t received a single automated alert during this time.

Inside of System Settings >> General and underneath Email, the Send Mail Method is set as GMail OAuth. Going one step further inside of Settings, I can also send a test email and receive it in my Gmail email account. I set up OAuth following the documentation here: Setting Up System Email.

Inside of System Settings >> Alert Settings and underneath Alert Services, I have an alert service (enabled = true) with the Type set to E-Mail, the Level set to Info (so I should receive all alerts unless the Frequency is set to Never), and the Email field is populated with the same email I used setting up OAuth described above. Like previously, I can send a test email here and receive it in my Gmail email account. I set up Alerts following the documentation here: Alert Settings Screens.

I’ve lurked around the forums and read several posts with a few people describing a similar issue, but they were not conclusive in resolving the problem. Most posts were from years ago and TrueNAS software has matured since. I haven’t been able to resolve my problem reading the forums.

Best regards