I encountered a graphics card driver issue

Version: Dragonfish-

The situation is this: I have an old graphics card that I want to use for hardware decoding with Jellyfin. However, I found out that the system doesn’t recognize this card. After my investigation, I discovered it’s because the graphics driver version is too high. So, I downloaded the corresponding driver from the NVIDIA official website. During installation, it prompted me to uninstall the current driver first. As I began uninstalling, I realized that removing the driver also uninstalls the TrueNAS package. It seems TrueNAS depends on the graphics driver, which makes it very frustrating. What should I do?

Here is the prompt message from the system:
NVRM: The NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 GPU installed in this system is
NVRM: supported through the NVIDIA 390.xx Legacy drivers. Please
NVRM: visit Unix Drivers | NVIDIA for more
NVRM: information. The 545.23.08 NVIDIA driver will ignore
NVRM: this GPU. Continuing probe…

This is the prompt during installation:
If you want to use the nvidia-installer please uninstall the Debian packages
first. The two methods of installation cannot be used at the same time.

Since truenas is an appliance os you cant really do anything. Truenas depends on certain package Versions and it’s Not supported to Install additional packages or other Versions because it will break stuff. Your only Option is to get a supported GPU.

Thank you for your response. After struggling all day and reinstalling the system several times, I finally realized it was the reason. I have no choice but to upgrade my graphics card.