I have the oddest problem when trying to log into truenas

Flashing Truenas

This happens only on one machine a Windows 11 Pro Workstation, any other machine on the network can get to it. I’ve tried Edge Chrome Firefox all in normal and Incognito mode all of them do the same thing. If I use wget on the command line it pulls the login screen. I also cannot get to the nfs shares on this system. but can from any others. and yes i have completely cleared all my cache.

Remember those Playstation games on CD-Rom that had “loading screens”? I don’t see the problem here. Just wait. :smiley:

This could be a simple network issue. Can you share more information, such as the local network, switches, TrueNAS network configuration, and so on? Any anti-malware or security software (or firewall configuration) on the Windows 11 Pro machine that might be interfering?