Immich - Bulk Uploads Photos - TrueNAS Scale

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to upload a large number of photos in one go into immich

I’ve already setup the App in truenas scale and the SMB share of my library folder, but i don’t know how to sync my photos with DB.

I was looking for a CLI command to do this, but i’m a little bit lost on how to do it on a truenas scale system.

Someone could help me?

Hi fgavioli,
you can add the photos you have just as a external library
Than you have the photos in immich after a first scan, that can take very long, if you have a large collection off photos.
Hope this helps


^^ This is the way. I imported about 250K photos as an external library that way. Once that was done indexing they work great.

Here’s the docs for Immich that explains how to do this in more detail. I used a host-volume mount for my own setup.

The main problem is that in that way the elements remain in a sort of “Read Only Mode”, you can’t apply any sort of change in the immich application.

If is the only solution, it could fix the problem

Maybe it comes in the future:

Just read through that feature discussion. That would be idea for my needs as well, eventually I will want to go through and cleanup those 20+ years of photos, remove duplicates, etc. I’d suggest folks reading this thread go give that feature an up-doot on GitHub so the Immich authors know how much demand there is.