Immich stuck in a deploying state

So i have been trying to get the trunas app of immich to run now for about 2-3 week and i just can not get this application to deploy. I have been on the officail immich forums, discord even put in a ticket w/ the immich dev in their discord and the application will not deploy.

Have followed this to the “T” TrueNAS SCALE [Community] | Immich and just won’t deploy.

I am really at a loss here … need help

Thanks in Advance

Our UI has undergone a few changes to the Install wizard for apps but the instructions in this tutorial should still work. Give this a try:

thank you Bella.

This does NOT fix the problem for me however. the link you provided, while helpful, is almost the exact sae thing that i linked to in my orginal post

Issues that the guide does not fix for me…

1.  Letting the application "create the datasets" does not will not create the new dataset (this is the 7 required ones)
2.  I manually created a dataset called "immich"  with child datasets of library, pgBackup, pgData, profile, thumbs, uploads, and video per the instuctions.  
3.  Since creating the folders withing the IX systems folder does not work as intended i selected my own folders using the "host path" option so they mount the correct child datasets.
4.  I leave all default items alone as the guide you suggested.  

The application WILL NOT DEPLOY.

Below are immages of how i have this setup

I am more than willing to try anything you suggest

thank you in advance

I’ll try to deploy this app using our instructions today to see if I can reproduce this problem.
The most common issue we encounter with this is browser caching. If you can hard reset the cache to see if it changes status.
The other thing to check is the pod logs. With the Immich app row selected on the Installed apps screen, scroll down to the Workload widget and find the pod logs icon. Click on it on the icon button and try to open the log to see if you can see what is going on with the deployment. If the log icon does not show, then the app is not deploying enough to view the container log.
The other thing you can do is open an issue ticket, with a debug attached to the secure attachment area. After opening the Jira ticket, wait until you get the confirmation email, then click on the link sent to you to attach the debug. Make sure you link that secure attachment ticket to your issue report ticket.

Also, what SCALE release do you have deployed?

Running latest version of Dragonfish

Here are screenshots of all of the logs under workload

The first part of the logs indicates password fails for immich, so you need to resolve the authentication issue.
If that doesn’t correct the rest of the issues with Immich connection refused, then we’ll need to see what your logs say again.
Edit the app to fix your credentials issue, this is the user that connects/authenticates to Immich.
If that doesn’t fix the issue we’ll need to see the logs again after resolving that issue.

Where would i resolve that? I literally deleted the application and dataset and started back over and still fails…

Just for reference…

All datasets are owned by root except the pgData as shown

At this point, I recommend you open a Jira ticket. Include your pod logs and the system debug as previously suggested.

I’ve checked Immich docs and this might not be helpful to you, FAQ | Immich includes a link on how to reset the admin password, but if you cannot access the pod shell their article might be more confusing than help.

For giggles i deleted the datasets…app…and started again…and created the above child formats…now i only have 4 logs that show up

to my knowledge you can’t reset the password as the application hasn’t deployed to even set the password…unless there is somethign i am missing here…which is possible

I guess it’s a problem with the database. I had the same problem with immich, nextcloud, paperless and vauldwarden. I ended up deleting the datasets of those apps and started from zero.
I still locking for a easy way to backup the database of those apps.