Increasing pool storage size by adding vdev


It’s kind of an open-ended question as I suspect I may be missing something and don’t wanna end up with a corrupted pool.

I’m looking to increase storage capacity on TrueNAS scale 23.10 by introducing a new data vdev. Current setup includes an existing pool ‘pool1’ with a vdev that has 30 x 18TB HDDs in RAIDZ2 configuration. I am thinking of adding another vdev of 15x 18TB HDDs to increase pool capacity. From the documentation here Managing Pools | TrueNAS Documentation Hub it looks straight forward as in shutting down the server, installing new HDDs, boot up and go to ‘Add Vdev’ section, select new HDDs for ‘data’, Review and that should do it. Now I’m aware this is not the recommended vdev width as 10 is the maximum recommended but because of certain circumstances I’m gonna have to go with this.

I’m wondering for this process am I missing something or any steps here? Is it going to be as straight forward as this? Any considerations I need to be making to ensure smooth sailing? Really appreciate any info on this.


You’re describing a simply horrendous pool design, but yes, it is that simple.

@dan I agree with pool design being terrible but unfortunately it’s in place now and would be very disruptive to change it so have to go with what we’ve got. Thank you for the response.