Install and use SSD as temp storage (swap, in case the ram is full)

Hello, I want to install Truenas on an SSD and then use a partition of that storage to store temporarly the files to go then on my hard drives, or setup a VM. Can I did that ? And how ? Thanks in advance !

By default, truenas uses the whole disk for the boot medium, so it’s not available to install/use it for anything else. You can manually partition the ssd and use it for vms, but you’d get yourself in unsupported territory. If you have a spare sata connector free, just get a smaller ssd to use as boot and use the ssd you have for vms.

Between the topic title and your post, you mention a number of possible uses. TrueNAS will create a swap partition on the boot device if it’s big enough, though if you ever use it it’s a sure sign you need more RAM. As to other possible applications, what Lars said.

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Write caching is not supported by ZFS.

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Thanks to all of you, I didn’t expect such quick responses :sweat_smile: So, I will stay with a HDD to boot, I wanted an SSD only if I could do something else with it…

If you want SSD like performance for some datasets but not others yet amazing metadata and small file performance, look into sVDEV. But there are a lot of caveats re: being careful re: sVDEV use.