Install netbird on Scale

As Scale should be debian Linux I tried to installnetbird with the simple linux commadn given on their website

curl -fsSL | sh

But instead of installing Scale gives me

Package management tools are disabled on TrueNAS appliances.

Attempting to update SCALE with apt or methods other than the SCALE web
interface can result in a nonfunctional system.

On the other hand I do not find a possibility to install netbird through the mentioned web interface. Does that mean I have to leave Scale and use a NAS System instead I can acess securely using netbird?

Or any help from anyone?

Truenas is an appliance os, which does not support installing additional packages because it could break the truenas middleware which depends on certain package versions. You can enable developer mode which gives you access to apt and the option to install additional packages, but if you break something you’re on your own, no one will be there to help you fix it.
If there’s a docker image available on dockerhub you can try to run the dockerimage in a custom app.

Not 100% certain what NetBird is, but it seems to be similar to Tailscale… being a wireguard based vpn solution.

As such, if you want to add NetBird support to the TrueNAS host, a good way may be to install NetBird into a Sandbox, similar to how you can install Tailscale.

The basic recipe is to use host networking on the jail, which means you’ll effectively be exposing ports directly on the truenas host… from inside the jail.

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You’re correct, NetBird is a direct competitor to Tailscale. However, I couldn’t make it work inside a jail, following the same simple procedure that works without a hitch for the latter.

The app installs, authenticates, generates an IP inside my private NetBird network, but it is unreachable from the outside, even to a simple ping. I have postponed investigating further, as Tailscale just works.

My only reason for using NetBird would be to self-host my own NetBird server/VPN, something you can’t do with Tailscale.

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There’s a open source project called headscale which is as far as i know the server for tailscale.GitHub - juanfont/headscale: An open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server