Installed Debian 12 from the Live ISO, but still boots from the original media as expected

I used a live debian ISO to install to zvol. But now I want to boot directly off the zvol I just provisioned.

Do I simply make a new VM and reference the zvol to boot from instead of the .iso file?

Note: if you give Debian only 10G of disk, it will fail in the install every time. Took me a while to figure out that was the problem since there is no hints from the installer.

During installation the disk/zvol should have been attached to the VM. Go to the VM / Devices and check. Delete CD ROM there, then it will boot from the zvol you installed to.


I always find it necessary to remove/unmount the installation media in the VM devices page.

Oh my gosh. that is so SIMPLE.

Thank you!!!.

Note: Changing the device order didn’t work.

The cdrom is very easy to re-add if you ever needed.